What I like Most is how it has Helped me in Every Day Life

I have attended the Villari's Studio of Self Defense on Sheppard Ave W. for over 12 years. I am not one to usually write a review but I must say that the learning and experience I have received from this studio is second to none. Greg Tal (the studio instructor) is great at pointing out each individual students strengths and weaknesses and being able to help them improve in the areas they need most.

Whether it be a 5 student class or a 20 student class it is always a great experience and it feels like you are taking private lessons as Greg has the ability to make it a personalized experience for each and every student.

I think what I like most about this studio is how it has helped me in my every day life. Greg focuses greatly on self-discipline and a lot of the things learned there will help any student become a good, well-rounded individual. As I get older I truly appreciate all that this Martial Arts school has taught me and I will definitely be a student for life.

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